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Criminal Law Definition

The area of law that relates to crime.

Criminal law

Such conduct is therefore prosecuted and punished by the government. In order to be successful, an accused conduct must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. This follows from the constitutional right that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

There are Criminal elements that are found in statutes, or cases in jurisdictions that allow for common-law crimes. With certain exceptions, almost every crime has at least three elements. 

These elements are a criminal act, a criminal intent an concurrence and Criminal Harm and Causation. The criminal justice system has multiple and often conflicting objectives, in that the interests of the victim have to be balanced with the due process rights of the defendant, the public interest, as well as considerations of cost effectiveness. 

In this regard, there are multiple ways to punish an offender, eg community-based punishment, financial penalties, community service and imprisonment.
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